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ACS position on climate change

Discussion created by Kelly Branham on Aug 26, 2009
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In the July 27th edition of C&EN, editor-in-chief Rudy Baum answers some of his critics on his original editoral on "Climate-Change News" (June 22). He also states the official position of the ACS on Climate Change. It is interesting to me how the moniker has changed from "Global Warming" since it has been cooilng for the the last 9 or 10 years or so. I am a "Global Warming Denier", but I am not a "Climate Change Denier". I believe the that the climate is always changing: getting cooler, then getting warmer....cooler, then warmer....cooler, then warmer....cooler, then warmer. LIKE A NATURAL CYCLE!!!! Not only do I disagree with Rudy Baum (why he stupidly goes out of his way to insult and impune Christianity in a commentary on Climate Change is beyond me), I disagree with the official ACS position.


This Climate Change rubbish is the biggest fraud perpetrated on mankind in history. It is not about helping the environment. It is about redistribution of wealth. Taking money from wealthy countries, businesses and people and giving it to others.


I think the official ACS pollicy is enabling to this lunacy and should be changed. Anyone else with me?



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(The ACS weekly email news letter asked for posts, so here you go.)