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Is the Job-Market Improving?

Question asked by Nicholas Meyler on Aug 3, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2010 by Nicholas Meyler

I have been an executive recruiter for 21 years, trained as a chemical engineer (at CSUN), and experienced in the electrochemical

plating field for several years.  My initial education was a philosophy degree from Princeton University, but I decided that it would be

more pragmatic to earn a second degree with some "market value".


In my perception, recruiting in this particular sector is improving considerably.  In fact, the job-market (for my clients, at least) seems

to be about as good as I have every seen it.  This may sound like a stark contrast to the unemployment statistics we've all been hearing

about for the past couple of years -- all the same, the demand for highly-skilled chemists and chemical engineers with graduate

degrees is sufficient that I am quite busy searching for talent.


My current searches have been posted in my blog, so please feel free to drop by and see if anything strikes your interest.  Meanwhile, I

am very interested in other people's feedback on the employment market and their observations.  Please feel free to comment and let

me know your thoughts!