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How should a local section handle middle school education?

Question asked by Josh Kurutz on Dec 1, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2015 by Patricia Galvan

ACS Colleagues,


Like many local sections, the Chicago Section has committees dedicated to education: primary school, high school, higher ed, and continuing education. In this framework, who should be in charge of middle school education? Around Chicagoland, it's common for primary to cover K-5, for middle school to cover grade 6-8, and for high school to cover grades 9-12, but some districts use slightly different ranges.


Should we be including activities appropriate for middle schoolers (age ~11 to 13) in our High School Education Committee, or should they be in Primary Education? Primary Ed. usually involves simple outreach efforts such as one finds with tabletop demos, but High School Ed. is usually geared for students getting ready for college and taking exams for scholarships. We have an award-winning program for Boy Scouts and another for Girl Scouts, but it seems like the merit badges and activity patches earned in these programs primarily draw students in the middle school age range, and focus on skills in between simple outreach and rigorous college prep.


Should we create another committee for Middle School Education? Does anyone else do this? Or should we reconfigure our Primary Education committee to be the "Primary and Middle School" Committee?


Thanks for your input.


- Josh Kurutz (2014 Chicago Section Chair)