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    Company seeking plasticizer for tires - Offering 10,000 Euro reward for promising technologies

    Monica Becker

      Technology search firm Creargie is running a technology search for plasticizers for tires.


      Summary:  Creargie's client is looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuel based plasticisers used in the tyre industry (estimated market size of 2.8 million tonnes annually). They are looking for a new solution with significant laboratory testing proving the essential properties are still present.


      10,000 Euro reward is being offered.


      See attached document for more info.


      Contact for more information:


      Paul David Evans

      Open Innovation Consultant


      créateur de valeur & d'enthousiasme
      10 rue Royale, 75008 Paris


      M. +44 77 92 94 72 02