Well, well, well ...... feels so unequal to the task

Document created by Abdul-Hafiz Sanni on May 20, 2014
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Have you ever been confronted with a self-reproach while you long to get along to quality and excellence? Effects of differences of backgrounds and the likely offense or welcome response you may get in trying to get a lift by the senior and experienced  professional is an en-caging phenomena. The question of manners to observe dangle between enslavement of oneself to the benefactor and enjoyable free interaction. It sometimes feels like go on and do it and await whatever the consequence.


It is common knowledge that new employees should speedily brush up on key tasks connected with their job. Laboratories often have manual guides on the various works done in it. Such form first in the list of educative materials to study. How well these guides have been put together and the care given to getting the best in all sources of information are questions which the inquisitive mind will not stop generating. Often, asking such question is taken to mean a challenge to the scholarship of the authors.


Good team skills requires that we don't seek to prove more knowledgeable than the head not to talk of outdo them. We are working for the world and any overt and covert compromise of standard puts the world and her people at risk. Science is endless but the stage we have reached should be communicated impeccably and applied proportionately in the lab and in the field.


There is a seemingly imbalance between profit-driven speeds and benefit-driven products and services in science. Do we have all the time to test for usefulness? Adverts get the consumers blind many a time. It seems to me like a string that runs through from the lab to the field and from training and education to the factory and the market. Science needs to be more open and acquiring it needs to get cheaper just as its benefit need to cure the world of hardship in the real sense of it. The most deadly diseases for example should not be the most expensive to afford their treatment and cure. In fact, I advocate free access to such medications.


I am learning to write so help me out if I couldn't make the point. Every expression is personal opinion born of a very little experience and observation and then what I think.