Chemists Without Borders needs your Expertise

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    We need your help (for a few hours a week):



    Send an email to Lou Ciabattoni at

            with the value (below) that you can add to Chemists Without Borders.


    1. Think Tank (New Project Ideas/Validation)


    2. Project Teams

    Clean Water

        Advisory Committee Lead - 1 person

             Advisory Committee Members

              (expertise: cultural/country  analysis, geology, chemistry, water) - 4 persons

        Partnership Development Manager - 1 person

        Project Lead - Manufacturing - 1 person

        Project Lead - Documentation and Standardization - 1 person

        Project Lead - Training - 1 person

        Project Lead - Country Replication - 1 person

      Disaster Services


      Affordable Medicines


      Education Team

        Curriculum Development (Environemtnal Management and Science BSc degrees)

        Green Chemistry Education


    Membership Team Roles

               Chapter Development (University, Regional)

               Partner Relations (Red Cross, Hands On Network, other humanitarian orgs)

               Social Networks Supporter (Facebook, Linked In, Google+, ACS Network, etc.)


    Fundraising Team


    Marketing Team


    Social Media


    Stock Photographs Acquisitions


    Operations Team


    Executive Director Skills


    IT Assistant

        Social Media


    Technology Evaluation Skills


    Corporate Historian