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When Stable NaCl3, NaCl7, Na3Cl2, Na2Cl, and Na3Cl are made ...

Blog Post created by Abdul-Hafiz Sanni on Jan 15, 2014

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In his words “I think this work is the beginning of a revolution in chemistry,” Oganov says. “We found, at low pressures achievable in the lab, perfectly stable compounds that contradict the classical rules of chemistry. If you apply the rather modest pressure of 200,000 atmospheres—for comparison purposes, the pressure at the center of the earth is 3.6 million atmospheres—everything we know from chemistry textbooks falls apart.”

I was reading through my mails when in a news letter the astonishment was broken upon me. The point is, by the octet rule all that chlorine and sodium need for stability is provided in the duo. Covalent bond may never be imagined for them. Was it dative? Alloy arise from metals only if i remember my secondary chemistry well. There must be an explanation!

The promises from Oganov stunt are the broadened opportunity for the prediction of new materials. Na3Cl possessing electric conductor and insulator layers is a wonderment for the world of science and technology. All compounds, NaCl3, NaCl7, Na3Cl2, Na2Cl, and Na3Cl, have emanated from separate reactions under compression and heat in a diamond 'chamber' of free sodium with NaCl and free chlorine with NaCl. We are aroused to a new way of thinking about properties of matter as it relates to physical and chemical changes. Kudos to science as her doors have always remained wide open for bursting open whatever human minds can conceive. Just a hint. Read it up for details on labx.com