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The world is now in a different phase which could even look different for the extraterrestrial living beings who might be looking us.

Basically,it is given a reason as revolution. Fine. This revolution must have an end,as we have to limit ourselves.We must not be extravagant!


Today if we look at the status of our technology,one may definitely notice that it has reached the peak. But then still we want to climb on.No ,No. Certainly not. It is  wrong. We should limit ourselves.



We are certainly at the peak ;we can't just move about anymore. It is a strange,could be an absurd move and might make our steps slip.


It's not that simple to carry on indeed one can't make your move as one can.

Here,I introduce the complication which I detected.


1) Avocations begin.

2) A different situation to be faced which one might not ever experienced.


The only advancement,we could do is understand nature. I will get you more ideas which could indulge you to think.

You might have heard about the gravity which is actually the force which pulls the object back to the earth when something is thrown up.


Yes.The name 'gravity'is given  to the pulling of the objects . But then the questions behind it are not yet answered.


Few questions are 1) Why the gravity acts?

2) Why it is supposed to act?


One can't just say that it is nature. We have to understand it. If we do that, we reach esteem of our desires.

Think about future,don't let it depend on present!


I am a protagonist who work for the future of the world. I care and look upon the future.


It's not that easy to get it better but it becomes relatively easy when we work upon and go with it.


Thank you.