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Searching for CTO -- Catalysts

Blog Post created by Nicholas Meyler on Aug 20, 2015

This position and interviews will be opening in the November time-frame, but we are accepting resumes now. The Client is a successful start-up in the field of renewable energy and catalysis, and they are seeking a senior-level CTO. The Chief Technology Officer will effectively lead and manage the development of the Company’s product portfolio including identification of new product applications; internal, external, and commercial product validations; and product integration into large scale industrial chemicals processes.


This key position will support the Company's vision of becoming the technology and market leader in the supply and use of advanced catalyst materials in industrial chemicals applications. At a high level, the responsibilities of the CTO will include interfacing with financial research analysts and other members of the financial community as required, technology partners, and existing and prospective customers. In addition, the CTO will have oversight over all technical product development, engineering, research, project management and budgeting, resource allocation, tactical execution, prioritization, and compliance with quality policies and certifications such as ISO.


Specifically, the CTO will:

• Lead technical and other meetings with customers, partners, and financial research analysts

• Understand and communicate the technical applications and markets into which the Company’s catalyst products can be sold

• Provide leadership for the research and development function within the Company and lead that department’s day-to-day operations

• Help define and execute the product development strategies to meet key objectives

• Support product concept generation, feasibility studies, and improvements to current products, including supervision of all lab experiments and the lab team

• Create budgets, allocate resources, and determine the schedules for all product development activities; reconcile project priority conflicts

• Regularly collaborate with Intellectual Property counsel to ensure that all potentially patentable inventions are properly disclosed, pursued and protected

• Work, as part of the senior management team, to align priorities and create an appropriate sense of urgency to ensure that successful objectives are achieved and timelines are met

• Continually evaluate competitive products and product concepts

• Attract bright and reliable technical resources to manage and lead them in achieving their maximum potential



• Ph.D. in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering

Experience in successfully bringing products from development to production volume

• 15+ years of experience in the industrial chemical industry including R&D and process/operations.

• Ability to lead commercialization initiatives
• Proficiency in materials science (nano-scale preferred); theoretical and
understanding of industrial chemicals processes
• Excellent organization skills and attention to detail; a desire to manage with a “Hands-On” style
• Knowledge of design and development processes and best practices within the industry
• Results driven, passionate, committed, and hardworking
• Ability to work in a smaller company environment, prioritize based on finite resources, and manage several projects simultaneously
• Ability to work in a team environment and exert influence without alienating others, particularly with a team of direct reports that have advanced degrees and are passionate about their projects
• A high degree of integrity, professionalism, and the ability to establish credibility across all levels of the organization
• Excellent listening, oral and written communication skills
• Proficiency with Microsoft Office, Excel and Powerpoint applications


LOCATION: Southern California


Employment Type: Full-Time

Compensation: 175,000 USD Annually

IF you are interested, please submit resume to me at <>.




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