Finding the Perfect Job..

Blog Post created by forrestersn on Feb 10, 2017

Finding the perfect match career-wise is tricky business. The problem seems to have roots in a notable difference between expectations and reality, with the reality of a job being much less exciting and rewarding than our expectations of it tend to be. We all intuitively know this, yet still find ourselves seeking out that magic position that combines our life's meaning and purpose with much-needed financial freedom. For example, if I ever saw the following job announcement, I would possibly faint from sheer excitement:


Industry-leading biotech firm seeking detail-oriented, technically competent, trainable scientist who has some experience but not so much that they refuse to learn our proven processes. We will nurture your student loan-strained finances back to health while mentoring you on how to become a principled leader and consummate scientist. In return, we seek your commitment to growing alongside us as we lead the way towards growth and further innovation in the industry.


YES!!! That's exactly what I'm looking for! And the great news is that I have seen several jobs that sound very similar to this. Yet the process of trying to figure out how best to get the attention of the hiring managers, and then get one of them to want to find out more about me and what I can bring to the table, is a bit tricky. I'm confident that if I get a chance to speak with them in person, maybe, just maybe, I can stick my foot in the door just enough to get through it.