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Chemical synthesis - KOH + DMF solubility

I am looking to dissolve Boc-protected benzimidazole, 1,3-propane sultone, and potassium hydroxide in DMF. However, i noticed that potassium hydroxide is insoluble in DMF? why might this be? the original publication is using DMF.. is it supposed to remains insoluble? 

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Re: Chemical synthesis - KOH + DMF solubility

I'm surprised you're having trouble as DMF is relatively polar. You've narrowed it down to definitely the KOH not dissolving in the DMF? I wonder, are you using the same concentrations? Is it dry DMF (that is, kept under inert atmosphere and water removed) or regular DMF (exposed to atmospheric water by opening / closing regularly without inert atmosphere)?

Depending on the reaction you're trying to do, I've also heard people pre-dissolving the KOH in a small amount of ethanol or water before adding to your reaction. Then again, I don't know what reaction you're attempting and if a potentially nucleophilic solvent might be an issue for you.

Good luck!

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