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Filtering black-ish banana extract. Will it still have the antioxidants in the extract?

So I made a banana peel extract. Here is the procedure.

I boiled distilled water and put in a container along with the banana peels.

I let the containter cool down and after that I homogenized the mixture.

Then I filtered the slurry and put it back in the container.

Then I let the liquid turn from yellow into black-ish.

After that, I'm having a dilemma.

According to one study, the liquid must be filtered again but according to another, the liquid is just as it is. However, I proceeded by filtering the liquid again.

When I filtered it, the liquid turned from black-ish to opaque.

My question is Will the opaque liquid still contain the extract?

I need the antioxidant in the extract.

Will the filtered extract just have no color but it will still have all the antioxidants?

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