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How do I find how to write a chemical equation with many elements?

I'm not a student. I am a hobbyist and I am trying to put together a changing chemical equation that roughly follows the path of an earth science thing through its elements and I do mean rough (vague, general, not exact) but with the inclusion of a lot of different minerals and elements. I can't find anything online or on YouTube to help with this. I know the list of elements that should be present together but I don't know how to write it together. I'm looking any chemistry forums , websites, videos that can help with this, maybe this place can,only just found it.

I'm not trying to take a full course on chemistry at the moment. I am just trying to write out an equation that includes all (most) the elements and results in a product that represents the actual substance and then that product can be added (reacted) to another substance to see the possible interaction with the product as a whole. As you see I lack the vocabulary for what I'm trying to say. So, if you know the words I need to make my search better, I would appreciate that too. I think I'm trying to write a complete ionic equation or a molecular equation or just a net ionic equation. It doesn't change initially but after I get the product then I can try things with it to see how the molecules change. Like a never ending changing equation.I don't know if this made any sense.
For example: bicarbonate, 58.4; sulfate, 11.2; chloride, 7.8; nitrate, 1.0; calcium, 15.0; magnesium, 4.1; sodium, 6.3; potassium, 2.3; iron, 0.67; and silica, 13.1; and carbon dioxide.
- (HCO_3-) + (SO^2_4-) + (Cl-) + (NO_3-)  + (Ca^2+)  + (Mg^2+) + (Na+) + (K+) + (Fe) + (SiO_2) + (H_2CO_3)  + (CO_3^2-) = Ocean water or (x) + (y) = (x+y) 
I don't know how to write this equation correctly unbalanced with more than just H_20. It's hard to find an equation on line that includes other particles which is necessary when seeing how deposits build up into other substances and how reactions occur in water that is not just purely H_2O. The reactions are happening to the other substances in the water and I want to see them in an equation. I'm not concerned with amounts just yet. I know amounts can change whether a reaction is seen or not. Do you know how I can find this information. This question was inspired after watching the full 1st year college course on environmental systems for earth science. Minerals and elements were mentioned and the water was not just water which caused eventual sediments and other chemical reactions that created other things. There are many aids to solve and balance equations but not many for writing and creating them. that's what I am looking for.
""With an average content of 120 parts per million dissolved matter, the rivers of the world deliver 3.9 × 109 tons of material in solution to the sea each year. The average concentration of the important constituents (in parts per million) is:"" - Britannica/ Geochemical Balance
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Re: How do I find how to write a chemical equation with many elements?

This does not answer my question. This is not a solution.

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