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How effective is Electrolyzed Water?

Would like to know how effective this solution is for cleaning and if it can be mixed with other cleaning solutions like soap safely? 

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Re: How effective is Electrolyzed Water?

Monique, would you make your question a little more detailed? It looks as though you are cleaning a surface (maybe a floor or a table top) and would like to add this ingredient to soap. I'm not really sure what you mean by "electrolyzed water", and that's where I'll go next. But since an important ingredient in most kinds of "electrolyzed water" is sodium hypochlorite, NaOCl, I can offer a short answer. "Sure, that's Clorox bleach. You can mix it with soap and clean a tile floor or a sink. If you put Clorox and Tide in your washing machine your whites will be cleaned by the soap and bleached by the Clorox, and the Clorox would disinfect them even if the soap and hot water didn't." I'm asking for a little more detail because people clean for different reasons with household products. This week a lot of folks are asking about using electrolyzed water. Let me go there.

Electrolyzed water is trending right now. Are you considering getting a quart of it, or an appliance that will make it as needed?  You can put water and salt in the appliance. It will make some NaOCl and some hypochlorous acid, HOCl, in the salt solution. NaOCl and HOCl are good disinfectants; that's their contribution to cleaning.

So could you ask a more detailed question, please? What do you want to clean? What kind of cleaning? If you're considering something like soap as the cleaner, what additional job is the electrolyzed water for? Is this for home or work use, because electrolyzed water generators have been used industrially until quite recently.

Best regards and stay safe,

Mike Dowell