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Is there still such a thing as an ACS meeting app?

For a few years there were ACS Meeting apps where one could easily see/find presentations and events of interest at a National Meeting. I loved being able to pick and choose individual talks and build a meeting schedule.

The last National Meeting I went to was in Spring of 2019. I'll be attending the Spring 2022 meeting in San Diego with a group of students. Now when I look for some kind of meeting app, or even any way to easily build a schedule for the meeting, I come up with just about nothing. There is an online schedule of sorts, but it doesn't seem to be able to build a schedule of individual talks. Not only that but you have to search for specific terms rather than being able to easily peruse the various division symposia.

Is it just too early, and something will appear in the next few weeks? Or has the meeting app model disappeared?

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Re: Is there still such a thing as an ACS meeting app?

Yes, at least for iPhones and I assume therefore Android users also.

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