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Any Brewers in Atlanta?

I'm a graduate student at Georgia State University and we are looking for chemists from different professions to come give lunch talks about their careers.  There are a few of us interested in home brewing, so I was hoping to find a chemist who is a brewer as well.  Anyone out there? Or any suggestions?



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Re: Any Brewers in Atlanta?


I don't know if my background has any interest for you. I did chemistry and biology as an under grad at The Citadel, grad school in biochemistry at Medical College of Georgia but then went to Law School at Emory and practiced law for many years. Along the way I did some additional graduate work at Harvard in Environmental Studies.

The top three students in my class at Emory Law School were, #1 Chemical Engineer from Ga Tech, #2 Civil Engineer from Ga Tech and #3 me. I'm not suggesting that we were any smarter than anyone else but that studying any physical science orients one toward problem solving and that is what law (and most business) is about. Chemistry is an excellent background for many things in addition to chemistry. Oh, and by the way, I have been known to brew a bottle or so of lager. Nothing as fancy as some but tasty and inexpensive nevertheless.

Best regards,

Bill Edwards

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Re: Any Brewers in Atlanta?


Are there any brewers in Atlanta? I'm a graduate student at Georgia State University, and we're seeking chemists from various fields to deliver lunch talks about their careers. Some of us are keen on home brewing, so I'm hoping to connect with a chemist who is also a brewer. Are any individuals fitting this description out there? Alternatively, any recommendations on where to find such individuals would be greatly appreciated.

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