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Managing Group Communications

Thanks to everyone for the great discussions so far.  I hope you’ve have enjoyed reading the posts much as I have.  

Here are some suggestions to help you manage group communications:

Email Alerts:                    

Email alerts are email messages that are sent to your email in-box when new content is posted on the Network.  Email alerts help you stay connected with the latest discussions without having to log on to the Network.  You can choose to  follow discussions via email or post new comments by hitting reply to the email. Your response will automatically be posted as a comment to the thread.  This functionality is native to the ACS Network, so you can respond to alerts using your email application and mobile devices.

Managing Email Alerts

You can set alerts to follow specific discussions or choose to follow all discussions in the group. Click on the “Receive email notification” link in the "Actions" box that appears on each page to toggle your preference to Receive or Stop email notifications. 

In-Box Rules/Filters

In an active group like this one, you may receive lots of alerts.    I've set up rules in Outlook to automatically move all of my ACS Network email to an ACS Network folder.   The rule that I set up looks for email when it arrives from and moves it to my ACS Network Communities folder.   If you want email from this group to go to specific folder, add a rule that will move email if the subject line includes “[Chemistry and Home Brewing].”

Email Digest

As an ACS Network member you will receive a weekly email digest of activity related to your profile.  This digest offers, at a glance, a view of activity related to your content, the activities of your connections, as well as popular network content.  By default, the digest is delivered weekly on Thursday.  If you wish to change the frequency of delivery, please click the “Update your email preferences,” link at the bottom of the digest.

Bookmark the URL:

You don’t need to navigate through the ACS Network to get to the group.  Add to your list of favorite bookmarks.  You can browse the content here without logging in.  However, if you wish start a new discussion or make a comment you will need to log on.

Start a New Discussion or Document

If you wish to post new content be sure to click the “Start a discussion” or “Create a document” links. This will ensure that the posts and replies will stay on topic .

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