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Share your Favorite Links

Do you have favorite or useful brewing links that you wish to share?  If so, please reply to this thread with the URL and a brief description of the link.  Once we've collected several links, I’ll format them into a wiki document that the group can update as needed.  This should create a useful clearinghouse of brewing related web resources.

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Re: Share your Favorite Links

Here is the Master Brewers Association Website. They sponsor a course at UW Madison. Long ago I was a member and used the resources to get up to speed on malting and brewing technology.  


David Kelm  San Antonio TX

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Re: Share your Favorite Links

One of my favorite Homebrew Forums:

The source for MEAD information:

John Palmer's  Online guide to brewing:

Tasty Brew Brewing Calculators of all types:

Basic Brewing Radio/Video - Great collection of Podcasts and resources for

the Homebrewer

Lots of info on Hops and bittering:

Norm Pyle's Hops Faq

Glenn Tinseth's Hop page

Good source for cheap bulk hops:

Good source for cheap bulk DME

Robert Tullman, Ph.D.

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