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Undergraduate/Graduate - Brewing Chemistry Course Resources?

I will be offering a "Chemistry of Brewing" elective course at Lamar University for the first time in the spring of 2014 (lecture only, no lab...yet...).  I currently plan on using a hybrid approach using Janson's "Brew Chem 101" (a little below most chemistry majors) and Fix's "Principles of Brewing Science" (probably intimidating for most students) plus other minor resources.  Does anyone else have any ideas or experience in good resources for the chemistry perspective for a course such as this?  I home brew myself (currently partial mashes, but moving to all-grain very soon) and hope to bring this experience to the class as well.

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Re: Undergraduate/Graduate - Brewing Chemistry Course Resources?

I teach two courses in brewing laboratory science - geared to the chemistry major that is interested in working in the brewing industry as a QA/QC person.  I can fill you in on what we use for textbooks and syllabi.  Send me an email if you want the information.