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Organic Mechanisms on the Khan Academy Videos

Has anyone in the network noticed that the popular web videos in the Khan Academy are flawed?--At least the ones that describe organic mechanisms are.

For example, watch this video and fast forward to about 3:00 minutes:  Sn1 Amine Reaction | Organic Chemistry | Khan Academy.

You will hear Salman Khan describe the loss of a leaving group in an SN1 reaction as the movement of one electron.  He draws a conventional curved arrow, which should represent the movement of two electrons.  While he actually keeps track of all of the electrons, his convention may be misleading to students who are using these lectures as study aids to supplement their textbooks.

Unfortunately, this error is repeated in numerous Khan Academy videos.

I have already posted a comment on the Khan Academy's feedback site.  Does anyone else have any experience with this or any suggestions about how to remedy the situation?

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