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Reaction of Orange and Rosehip Marmalade With a Metal Sieve. The Marmalade Was Discoloured.

Hello! I spent many hours making a rosehip and orange marmalade. Collecting the rosehips, cutting the rosehips, taking the seeds out. I put the rosehip/orange mixture through an old metal sieve/strainer that I bought from a thrift store. It is made of some type of steel or metal. It is gray, and very slightly rusted. When the mixture made contact with the sieve, some of it turned a blackish purple colour. Is this okay to eat??? What is going on here. I am really upset because I spent a lot of time on this. I also made other things with the sieve, like nannyberry butter, but did not notice the discolouration, though the nannyberry was already blackish, but it wasn't acidic.

So about 3/4 has been completely discoloured, I seperated the rest of it, and that is only very slightly discoloured. Are either of these ok to eat? Note the person I bought the sieve from, said that it was for the kitchen, and said that it was old, like 1960s even.

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