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Chemistry and forensic science major?

I have recently added an integrated learning major of forensic science to my chemistry BS, and now I'm looking into what I can do for a job when I graduate. Does anyone know of good internships or programs for forensics that focuses on the chemistry aspect of it; a lot of what I've found has been anthropology or psych...

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Re: Chemistry and forensic science major?

Hi Elizabeth,

I suggest trying to find labs with toxicology departments or those dealing with drug chemistry.  Different forensics labs may specialize in different areas and may not even have some departments.  Try calling around to labs in your area and asking if they have these departments or any others more directly related to chemistry.  And although interning at a lab and dealing with forensics would be nice, if I were you I would try and simply get in anywhere in any intern position at a lab.  It's still a great experience to have.


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