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2015 Green Chemistry Business Plan Competition: Meet the Semifinalists & Cast Your Vote

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Do you want to make an impact on issues like climate change, reliance on fossil fuels,  environmental contamination, unsafe chemicals in consumer products, and conflict minerals use?

VOTE for the next wave of innovation that will provide real solutions to these problems through your support of the ACS Green Chemistry Institute’s® 2015 Green Chemistry & Engineering Business Plan Competition.

These pressing global issues are impacted by chemistry, and green chemistry holds the key for addressing these critical environmental, health, and cost concerns. Everyone has a stake in this decision, and YOU can ensure greener products will be one step closer to the market place. This is the only competition of its kind exclusively dedicated to green chemistry and engineering and provides the chance for sustainability-oriented entrepreneurs to move their green innovations to a commercial reality.

This is your chance to help accelerate solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges like:

  • Dependence on endangered elements in chemical processes
  • Displacing petrochemicals by transforming renewable or waste feedstocks into valuable chemicals
  • Reducing hazardous chemical inputs in products and processes
  • Minimizing energy use and emissions

Click here to cast your vote for the "Change the World with Green Chemistry" campaign!

Sign up by July 10, 2015 to help choose a winner. You will be contacted after you select your level with the voting ballot. 100% of proceeds go to the Grand Prize Winner of the competition.

Meet the 5 semi-finalist teams--follow the links to hear their first round pitches!


Dedicated to the development of bionomic products in the areas of Agriculture, Environmental Remediation, Bio-Industry, and Human Health. (Translation coming soon).


Data-driven software that speed up the development of sustainable chemicals by increasing efficiency of chemical R&D processes. (Live video coming soon).


Genesis Reclaimers advance chemical recycling technology. Automation makes recycling practical in any lab.


Creating a power source from recycled packing peanuts.


Created the Waste Grease Extraction process, the technology that utilizes troublesome substances straight from the waste water facilities, reducing damage to their equipment and the landfill.

The final round of the competition will take place on July 15, 2015 at the 19th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference. Visit the conference website to learn more and register for this exciting event!

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