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BASF and Mermet Team Up on KoolBlack™ Technology for Energy Saving Solar Protection Fabrics

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By John Adams, Marketing and Business Development, BASF Corporation and Orkun Onur, Marketing Manager, Mermet Corporation

Increasing greenhouse gas emissions are among one of the main contributors to global climate change. As the world’s population continues to grow, so does its energy demands. Thus, the development of energy-efficient products is necessary to reduce emissions, save resources and mitigate rising energy costs.—The Chemical Company—is helping to create sustainable solutions to address global challenges such as this through science and innovation. One example is the use of Cool pigments in innovative KoolBlack Technology for coated solar protection fabrics, such as solar shades and awnings. BASF business partner Mermet successfully launched KoolBlack using BASF pigments for its own product line of solar protection fabrics. Their fabrics for shades and awnings let in sunlight without increasing the interior room temperature, thus lowering cooling energy requirements. This application represents a new approach and ancillary benefit to using window shades. Window shades have historically been used to filter light and keep heat out during the day. Today, users can lower or totally restrict light transmittance into a building while also reducing heat build-up.

Mermet initiated this project with BASF due to vigorous testing required to prove the reduction of glare and heat gain from solar radiation offered through its product line. Both companies worked together to develop and optimize the pigments used. The expertise of both parties was utilized to gain fast performance testing and approvals. This patented science changes the long-standing void in the energy saving performance of dark color screens by adding heat reflection properties to the fabric. KoolBlack Technology reflects Near Infrared (NIR) solar radiation, which reduces room temperatures and the Solar Heat Gain. E Screen with KoolBlack Technology, Mermet’s first fabric line with KoolBlack, is GREENGUARD Children and Schools and RoHS Certified and fire rated to NFPA 701 standards like most of Mermet’s other fabrics. GREENGUARD certified Mermet fabrics meet or exceed stringent standards for “low emissions” and are safe to use in all interiors.

This new technology and application is giving Mermet a strong edge in the market by providing comfort and energy savings throughout the year—features that architects and building owners are looking for to create an optimal living environment for consumers. Lower energy consumption not only translates to cost savings, but reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Helping the world’s inhabitants reduce their carbon footprint is one of the ways BASF is creating chemistry for a sustainable future.

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