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NFL Goes Green with TempLine™ Field Marking Paints

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Contributed by Jim Brady, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Eco Chemical, Inc.

This year, the NFL will be recognizing the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl.  In preparation, the NFL has already set the wheels in motion for appropriate decoration of NFL fields across the US, including specification of field markings, colors, and paint choices. Eco Chemical’s line of TempLineCelebration colors were among the choices specified by the NFL to honor the Super Bowl's golden birthday.

TempLine developed the Celebration colors under guidance of the NFL. Like all TempLine field marking paints, these special colors have been formulated for use on both natural grass and synthetic turf without leaving a large environmental footprint.

DSC_2709.JPGAs Eco Chemical’s owner and President, Mark Cheirrett, explains, “Environmental stewardship is everybody’s responsibility. As a company, we strive to minimize our environmental impact in every aspect of our enterprise, understanding that we can't completely avoid it.”

Eco Chemical strives for sustainability in all of their product chemistry, manufacturing, and packaging choices, for all of their paint and stain products. All Eco Chemical products are water-based with little or no VOCs.  The company’s manufacturing processes are designed to reduce waste, including re-use of process and rinse water in efforts to reduce water waste to near zero. Virtually all of the company’s commercial market products are produced and sold as concentrates, reducing their carbon footprint in shipping. TempLine  Natural Grass Box Paint is sold in concentrated form and packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes, rather than plastic pails or disposable aerosol cans destined for landfills across the country.

Seahawks-remover.jpgExpanding the envelope of environmental consideration to include player health and safety, TempLine synthetic turf paints are designed to minimize paint build-up that can interfere with field play performance and safety. TempLine paints re-liquefy when removed to avoid leaving behind solid residue. TempLine removers are also water-based and effectively remove paint without chemical harshness, turf damage, or environmental harm.

The environmental benefits of TempLine have been formally recognized as well. In the past year, Eco Chemical has been the recipient of the National Pollution Prevention Award from the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable, and the Safer Chemistry Champion Award from the Washington State Department of Ecology.

For more information about Eco Chemical, visit their website at

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