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Open Innovation at BASF

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By Svetlana Dimovski

Manager Innovation and Science Relations, BASF NA

As the world’s leading chemical company, BASF is well positioned for outreach & development to work with world class innovators and companies across the United States as well as many other parts of the world, and learn more about their work and interests. instance, the Footwear industry is very close to the everyday consumer where increasing demand for green and sustainable products is visible.  The Footwear industry is influenced by fashion and rapidly changing customer demand, requiring new solutions and materials.  BASF developed the PURE shoe concept, being the first all Polyurethane (PU) shoe, designed to demonstrate the enormous versatility of Polyurethanes in Footwear applications as well as innovation in chemistry.  The next-generation PURE 1.2 Balance demonstrates how alternative raw material sources such as renewables can be integrated into consumer goods, with the future potential to reduce consumption of non-renewable resources.  With this holistic concept BASF also proves its competence as a developer of customer-oriented and targeted solutions to meet the requirements of the shoe industry in the field of sustainability.

At BASF we create chemistry for a sustainable future;  therefore we look for sustainable innovations that address the biggest problems and long-term challenges related to resources, environment and climate, food and nutrition, and quality of life. As a chemical and materials science company together with our innovation partners we provide solutions for the Transportation, Construction, Consumer Goods, Health & Nutrition, Electronics, Agriculture and Energy & Resources industries.

Sustainability of our society, our resources and our planet, to a certain extent, is everyone's job. External collaboration in this context is a way of connecting and aligning our creative minds. We are always looking forward to collaborating with innovators, academics, federal labs, research institutes, startups, small and medium size companies and established businesses that value partnerships and would like to play an active role with us to ensure a sustainable future for everyone.

For more information about BASF's Polyurethanes, please visit:

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