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Sustainable Catalyst Team Honored by the ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable

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HandaLipshutz.pngProfessors Bruce Lipshutz, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California – Santa Barbara, and Sachin Handa, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Louisville, have been awarded the Peter J. Dunn Award for Green Chemistry and Engineering Impact in the Pharmaceutical Industry.


Lipshutz and Handa have developed newly engineered catalysts for sustainable surfactant chemistry in water. They have demonstrated the use of nanomicelles and nanocatalysis to successfully carry out reactions of great relevance and that are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry. The use of a water-based system coupled with a significant reduction in the use of platinum group metals resulted in significant sustainability advantages for the industry.


The winners will be honored during a symposium at the 22nd Annual Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference to be held on June 18-20, 2018, in Portland, Oregon.


The Peter J. Dunn Award was established in 2016 by the ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable. The award recognizes outstanding industrial implementation of novel green chemistry and/or engineering in the pharmaceutical industry that demonstrates compelling environmental, safety, cost and/or efficiency improvements over current technologies.


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