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Where do I begin?

Hello to all you nano-fans!

I am a undergrad student who is interested in nanoscience but not sure where to start. Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction in regards to educational resources?

Thank you


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Re: Where do I begin?

Hello Dan,

Nanoscience is quite vast because it cuts across multiple fields and so I am not sure which field you are interested in. Indeed it would have been good to know your field of study in order to narrow down the educational resources. However, if you want a broad knowledge of nanoscience, then you may look for the book:

Nanoscience: The Science of the Small in Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, Biology and Medicine (Nanoscience and Technology) by

Hans-Eckhardt Schaefer. The publisher is springer.



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Re: Where do I begin?


  In addition to books (I recommend Nanotechnology: Understanding Small Systems by Rogers et al.) there are numerous websites for students from K-12 up through professionals.

Some of these (in no specific order) are:

Best of luck,


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