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A Nuclear Bomb Class Theoretical Terrorist. Are you ready to answer?

Think a hydrogen atom.

It is composed from a proton and an electron. The modern theory, the Schroedinger equation describes the solution  to be one of the eigenstates. It may be 1S state for example.

Here is the bomb question.

Do you think the proton and the electron have each spatial dimensions, that is, do you think they have finite sizes of each meat?

The analytically exact solutions of the Schreodinger equation allow the solutions that they move near each other too near.

That is, if they have finite radius of meat, then there is finite probability that their meat collide and overlap with each other.

If they collide with each other, then a drastic phenomenon should and must occur. Does not such a collision matter or is it a neglible pheneomenon yet?

How do you answer to this question?

If you cannot answer this question, then your professional status is in grave danger.

This is an International Theoretical Physical Terrorist


April 24, 2012

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