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A light idea. How about this?

Time might be an energy flow, might be a great energy river.

Time is everything.  Energy is everything.

Time is not a kind of spatial coordinate.  Time flows.  But the spatial coordinate does not.

In atomic scale physical world, time lets the phase of wave function rotate.

In chemical world, time lets the chemical reaction proceed.

In biological world, time lets the embryo develop, and time realizes evolution.

In geological world, time lets the mantle convection in the Earth occur.

In astronomical world, time lets the universe expand.

This is an amateur physicist.

I would propose this hypothesis.

I found this hypothesis when I was observing the motion of a wave function on a computer screen.

Using a harmonic oscillator eigenfunction and letting it move in a space defined by a space axis and real axis and imaginary axis, and by displaying it obliquely on the screen, then the curve will be seen to rotate around the space axis by a constant speed that is proportional to the very eigenenergy.

It is almost like a water wheel!

And what pushes the each paddle of the water wheel is the flow of water!

In the case of the harmonic oscillator, the force that is pushing the paddle of the wave function is provided by the time flow itself!

The higher the speed of rotation of the phase of the wave function, the more energy the harmonic oscillator is receiving from the "Time river."

Time river is flowing ubiuquitously in this space and forever.

Time is the ultimate source of energy for everything!

How about this idea?

I would like to listen to your views.  Please feel free to reply!

February 20, 2012


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