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A missing link in atomic physics

Please feel at home, and have some coffee for a while.

When I was a student about 40 years ago, I believed in everything that was printed in textbooks.  You are believing, I presume, in the theory that a decelerating electron on a classical orbit around a proton will shed energy to the outer empty space.  So, the stationary circulating motion of an electron around the proton is impossible to continue.

Recently I could ascertain the energy shedding process using the solution of Maxwell's equations for a point charged particle that does the regular circular motion.  For details, please refer to the attached files.  As the photos in the file show, the electron that does the constant circular motion indeed sheds energy in a way like a spiral shell development of an ammonite.

But we have a serious problem, I think.  In high school physics course, we are taught that the total energy is always conserved.  Such a concept of the total energy comprises dynamic kinetic energy and potential energy.  This concept of total energy is absolutely in the realm of the classical mechanics, and is completely irrelevant to the electromagnetism.  That is, there is no pipe line for the classical dynamic energy to flow from the dynamic state of the electron to the outer space as an electromagnetic energy current distribution.

Were all of us brain washed by the old textbooks?

Thank you for your time


P.S.  I have added a file "Appendix.docx" to complement my argument.  I will be glad if I could hear your view, opinion, theory, hypothesis or any other questions.

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