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A terribly trivial question No. 2. Which do you think is right?

Imagine a figure of a DNA double helix.

Think that it has helical ladder structure, the rung being the each base pairing, the helical rail the phosphate ribose back bone.

Here is a question.  Which do you think is right?

a.  The phosphate ribose back bone is merely and purely a structural thing.  It does not have any chemical function other than to hold the base pairing stack.  The whole quantum mechanical electronic state involved in the back bone shows nothing but is only meaninglessly noisy and stationaly as a whole.


b.  The electronic cloud that wraps the nuclear chain of the rail generates trembles in its wave function, and this quantum mechanical trembles carries biochemically important informations about the cellular state and conditions,  And the tremble goes back and forth between some segment of the base pairing stacks and the other segment.  That is, the phosphate ribose back bone is in a meaning functioning like  a communication wire.

How do you think?

Waiting everybody's thoughts,


December 16, 2011

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