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An Idea of Surrealistic Space. How do you like this?

Hello Sirs,

This is an amatetur physicist.

Think a space of which points are represented by polar coordinate system.

That is, the coordinates are radial variable, latitude angle, and longitude angle.

Think a function which satisfies the ordinary wave equation.  That is,

Laplacian f(r,t)-(1/v^2)(round d^2/round dt^2)f(r,t)=0     (1)

The latitude dependence and longitude dependence are omitted for simplicity.

The general solution for the equation (1) is given by

f(r,t)=F(r-vt)/r     (2)

or    F(r+vt)/r     (3)
where F means arbitrary function.

Usially, it is assumed that the radial variable r is positive or zero i.e., r>=0.

But the solution (2) or (3) can satisfy the original equation (1) even if the radius variable is negative, i.e., r<0.

So, is it possible for us to muse another unknown space where the radius variable is negative, i,e,, r<0?

I would like to name this negartive radius space as "inner space". while the positive radius space as "outer space".

What would your imaginations be, Sirs?


Pithecantropus Japonicus who is trying to see an object in a vaccume empty space

July 20, 2013 

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