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DNA first or Protein first?

Dear Everybody,

     Today is January 29, 2012.

I have finished reading a book " Origins of Life" published from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.

     Though I am a layman regarding this filed, I could catch a heavy ball from this book.  Frankly speaking, on the average, about only 20% of the contents of the book I could understood.


Do you know the paradox "Chicken first or egg first?"  Or do you know the analogous version "DNA first or protein first?"

In the  book, an article written by Dr. Geoge Fox seemed to be most scientific for me, and it vividly sheds light on this paradox.  The key particle is the ribosome!  Yes, the ribosome is the very place where protein synthesis and RNA molecular operations meet!  Yes I am at present musing that the key to solve the secret involved in the origin of life must be in the complex system ribosome comprised from many ribosomal RNAs and ribosomal proteins. 

     Dr. Fox wrote that the primary information stored in the RNA sequences were for constructing the ribosome itself!  So it is utterly and naturally possible to accept that primary scheme was to construct the ribosome system only itself rather than to think a pre-directed course of molecular evolution of the origin of life.  In other words, I would like to assert that the "first living entity" was but a purposeless chemical system that lacks a kind of Lamarkian direction course of evolution, but were only factories or plants that lack the Lamarkian intention of evolutionary course, so that they must have produced the same purposeless products, that is , various ribosomal RNAs and ribosomal proteins many times and  unintentionally.

How do you muse, speculate or meditate?

Waiting your various opinions,



January 29, 2012

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