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How do we choose the standard for calibration curves?

For example, if I waned to make a calibration curve for calculating total phenols by Folin assay, I should use Gallic acid as a standard. that's what most papers say, but why to use Gallic acid not any other phenol??? and in general, on what basics do we say that a substance is a standard?

please, I want answers with references...ASAP.

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Re: How do we choose the standard for calibration curves?

Hello everyone:

I found the answer for my own question....

The exact reasons of choosing Gallic acid as a standard are:

  -Partly for historical reasons,


  -Soluble in water,

  -Recrystallized easily from water,

  -Readily dried, and

  -Stable in the dry form.

for these reasons Gallic acid is #1, but catechin can also be used as standard in Folin-Ciocalteu assay.

So I think that there isn't a general rule but every standard has different reasons for choosing it.

Hope you find it useful......

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