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Inorganic P3(1) and P3(2) xtal structures?

Does anybody have access to the ICSD inorganic xtal structure database?  I would appreciate receiving a ZIP or GZ dump of enantiomorphic space groups P3(1) and P3(2) CIFs with FW less than 600.

Physics assumes the Equivalence Principle - that all local centers of mass vacuum free fall identically.  This is empirically true for all compositions of matter through pulsars.  Do chemically identical, opposite chirality atomic mass distributions violate the EP?  Is there a chiral vacuum background in the massed sector?  (Biological homochirality needs sourcing)  Vacuum is definitively achiral toward EM. Newtonian (re Green's function) and metric gravitation are even-parity functions: f(x) = f(-x). They don't quantize.  Quantum gravitation theories require supplementing Einstein-Hilbert action with an odd-parity Chern-Simons term, f(x) = -f(-x). Space groups P3(1) / P3(2) calculate as being maximaly parity divergent, J. Math. Phys. 40(9) 4587 (1999).  Contemporary gravitation theory is a mess (string theory). Let's falsify a founding postulate or two.

If you are near 45 degrees latitude and have two DSCs, it can be done with enthalpies of fusion, and

"Autoritätsdusel ist der größte Feind der Wahrheit," Albert Einstein, 1901 (then he disdained quantum mechanics).  Thank you!

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