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My private finding of this week: An image of a photon from Einstein's statement

I have finished reading a book of Jim Al-Khalili.  Today instead, I have begun to read a new book "Erwin Schroedinger and the Quantum revolution" written by John Gribbin published from Black Swan.  Now I have arrived page 101.

I was thinking and wondering about a photon.  What is it at all?

On page 100 of Gribbin's book, it is introduced that

"Einstein again: According to the assumption considered here, in the propagation of light ray from a point source, the energy is not distributed continuously over ever-increasing volumes of space, but consists of a finite number of energy quanta located at points of space that move without dividing and can be absorbed or generated only as complete units."

Oh, this is just what I have been seeking!

But this statement seems to deny the Maxwellian Electromagnetism for light wave propagation.  Is it that for a photon travelling in space, the Maxwellian description cannot be applied to that photon utterly?  Then what kind of mathematical equation can describe the position and the flight course of the photon?  I want to know that equation very eagerly.  And is his above statement compltetely correct?

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