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My private finding of this week No.3: The motion of quantum mechanical entities

I refer again to the book "Erwin Schroedinger and the quantum revolution" written by John Gribbin.

On page 17 of his book, it is written that

"quantum mechanical entities can be in at least two places at once; that they can get from one place to another without passing through any of the space in between;"

Do you believe in his statement literally?

His statement means that a quantum mechanical entity can move from point A to point B by disappearing at point A and appearing at point B and vice versa in no time.

Do you still believe in his description literally?

As to my side, I do not know the answer yet.

But it is very fantastic if he is right!

What woud your own opinion be?

Please feel free to response.  Me too do not know the right answer yet!

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