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Photons as naturally occuring harmonic oscilators utilizing inductance and capacitance

In 1995 I discovered the perfect explanation for Particle/Wave Duality but attempts to publish were futile.  The reviewer claimed it had no mathematical foundation.  That was a ridiculous excuse.  Inductance and capacitance involve a lot of math and have they ever heard of geometry, perhaps the oldest and original math topic.  Then again, such an explanation of the photon requires you to believe in directional mass, but even this excuse does not hold water since gravity is known to deflect light only perpendicular to the direction of travel.  This solves the riddles of Einstein's mass/energy formula; he never claimed it was anything but empirical didn't he.  Since many reputable astronomy experts and scientists already believe that the speed of light is no constant in the universe and dark energy is being used to explain the lack of traditional gravity between the spokes of Galaxies this should be no stumbling block.  Maybe such an excuse worked in 1995 before IRAS dispelled the Mickelson/Morely experiment, but not now when we know that our universe contains directionality and that earth is traveling at a measured pace through some kind of ether, or something, whatever you choose to call it.

One of the motivations for publishing a paper on the photon was to show that the long cherrished and timeless law of conservation of mass still holds under nominal conditions.  If you take all of the factors together, reactants and products, a nuclear event should still obey the law; no mass should be lost.  Using this law for guidence led to my discovery of an explantion for particle/wave duality.  Nothing was lost.  The photons were responsible for the mass in the first place.  These nuclear reactions merely released photons which are not without their directional mass components.  The mass was just easier to measure in the atom than at the speed of light.  The nominal conditions for measurement are here in our portion of the galaxy, c may not be constant.  It is just another rigorous establishment of our laws of conservation; the light given off by a reaction must be taken into consideration, its mass must be measured and calculated just like everything else.  The mass in this model would be created by the interaction of harmonicly oscilating LC (Inductance - Capacitance) circuits in the photons and the fabric of space in a localized region.  Photons are complex inductive and capacitative particles that travel in directions not hindered by directional mass and oscilate in a wave pattern because of the interaction of these properties with local space.

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New Contributor III

Re: Photons as naturally occuring harmonic oscilators utilizing inductance and capacitance

         Wow what a great discovery.Why not bring it to lime light now let everyone get to pertake in whatever advances that needs be done.

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