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Requesting help converting mf/s to Amps

I read a voltammetry article that listed the current in units of mf/s.

I want to convert the value to mA.

The units of a farad are As/V.

Therefore, mf/s would give mA/V.

But what voltage would I need to multiply by to get the current in mA.

Is it 1 V because a farad is the charge in coulombs a capacitor will accept to change the potential across a capacitor by 1 V?

Thank you for your help.

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Re: Requesting help converting mf/s to Amps

The abbreviation may have meant milli-Faraday / second = milliequivalent/s.

The Faraday is about 96485 coulomb/mole. 1mF/s= 96.5coul/s=96.5 A

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Re: Requesting help converting mf/s to Amps

Dear Robert Rodgers,

I think you're right - the authors probably meant milli-Faraday (not millifarad).

I expected to see milli-Faraday symbolized as mF (not mf as noted in the paper).

Thanks for clearing that up.


Jay Brown

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