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Seeking Inquisitive Scientist/Engineer in Metal - Graphene Chemistry

Seeking Inquisitive Scientist/Engineer in Metal - Graphene Chemistry

December 31, 2012

Client's Request: Wants to find the best graphene/carbon nanotube/nanocarbon chemist who is also familiar with:

In graphene, carbon's 4 valence electrons for 3 sigma bonds leaving one unpaired pi orbital plus sp2 and sp3 hybridized carbons and bonding.

This colleague needs to be extremely inquisitive and this colleague ought to be interested in the chemistry associated with a family of metal-carbon compounds that exhibit rather interesting/unique physical properties.  A patent is soon to be issued on one of the metal-carbon compositions in the series.

Client's Fundamental Questions for the Consultant/Expert: If someone was claiming they could catalyze carbon in molten metal to create graphene inside the molten metal, can you do that?  If so, how?

The colleagues of interest to my client will answer the first question in the affirmative and these colleagues will provide a clever answer to the second question (on "how" they can accomplish this goal).

Client's Present Goal: To identify someone who will become obsessed with the problem and who will be relentless in seeking the solution.

Responses should be sent to: David M. Manuta, Ph.D., FAIC ( or

David M. Manuta, Ph.D., FAIC

President, Manuta Chemical Consulting, Inc.

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