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Sulfuric acid effects on cars

I am overseeing the examination of the affects of a 94% concentrated sulphuric acid spill that contacted car tires.  The client is asking if the spill, which was neutralized with limestone, but had some splash onto to the sides of vehicles,  if the spill could have impacted the safety of electrical systems and brakes?  We see NO effects other that the odd slightly shiny spot on a wheel rim.  Tires were all replaced.  We have done a thorough examination for damage, there is no signs of an impact, i.e. no changes to plastics or silicon which would be vulnerable.   I am concerned regarding non-visible harm to electrical systems in particular Fuel tank wiring copper exposures.  This that might cause a failure that would not show up immediately.   I am unable to find a really well qualified expert on this topic, although I do have two engineers with failure chemistry backgrounds.  Please help!


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