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The figure of an electron. Which hypothesis do you choose?

I wonder at the figure of an electron.  which hypothesis do you choose from among the follwings?

Hypothesis 1: Completely solid sphere like a rock or iron.

Hypothesis 2: Soft sphere like a tennis ball.

Hypothesis 3: Almost sphere but trembling like a rain drop.

Hypothesis 4: Not spherical but another shape.

Hypothesis 5: Miniature version of cloud in the sky.

Hypothesis 6: Point mass and at the same time the point charge.

Hypothesis 7: Other opinion

Vote to anyone whichever you like. If possible please add your explanation!

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Re: The figure of an electron. Which hypothesis do you choose?

I myself would like to cast a ballot in favor of the hypothesis 6.

That is, I think that the electron is a mathematical point mass and at the same time a point charge having infinitesimal size.  Also, concerning to other elementary particles, I think that I must regard all of them to be infinitesimal points.

Think a hydrogen atom.

If the electron and the proton have finite size, then they will collide with each other someday, and this collision will jepardize the stable eigenstate they are leading when  they collide with each pther.  Then the forever stable eigenstate of the hydrogen atom will never be possible, Sirs!

If they are mathematical points, this difficulty can be avoided.

And our harmonic view of the hydrogen atom can resume its peace.

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