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The market place of various quantum interpretations

By reading John Gribbin's book, I have learned recently that the quantum mechanics is supported by several main pillars.

1. The concept of complementarity, or dual nature of a quantum mechanical entity, i.e., particle nature and wave nature.

2. The indeterminacy principle or uncertainty principle.

3. The concept of probability wave, or the de Broglie wave.

4. The concept of wave collapse at the instant of observation.

Think, for example, the ultra performance of "precognition" of a quantum entity in the delayed choice experiment(the two slits experiment with pockels cell between the slits and final screen.)

The author John Gribbin teaches me that there are many, many interprtations for such a weird phenomenon of quantum world.  But they are exclusive with each other.  Still they all can explain and predict correctly the experimental result.

What is this?  This is utterly like the Tower of Babel!  I feel as if I am in a market place of various quantum interpretations.  Which store should I visit?  Which interpretation do you recommend most?  Which would be the best buy?  Do you have any idea?

A stray tourist in a quantum wonder land

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