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Time measurement: Alternative to old Lab-Chron?

Hello fellow ACS members.  I'm looking for a model of digital timer that displays in seconds only, and at least to the tenth/sec.  The only product I have found is the defunct Lab-Line(r) Kwik-Set Lab-Chron No. 1405- and while it may be a fine timer, it would be nice to have something NIST traceable and quiet (this is electro-mechanical).  This would mainly be used for capillary viscosity testing.  I remember using an alternative to the Lab-Chron that was made specifically for the petroleum industry, and in Texas (I believe)- seems like they were around $600 US/ea!!!  I assume with the right materials I could probably make my own...Oh, and the reason for displaying seconds only is that this (if it exists) is a fix to a problem my company is having with production quality testers forgetting to change 1.52.28 to 112.28sec from stopwatch to viscosity formula.

Any ideas?

And Thanks in advance,

Chris Slone

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Re: Time measurement: Alternative to old Lab-Chron?

What about an electronic stopwatch?  A quick web search brings up several "seconds only" stopwatches, for much less than $600.  See, for example, Control Company  Theywould seem to have NIST traceable stopwatches for what your looking for, and they specifically mention viscosity measurements.


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