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Titration Question

Hello! I am the lab technician at an industrial metal producing plant where I test it's anodic coating on the metal. One of my main components of my job is to titrate and monitor concentration of the tank line. I can perform one color titration because I did them in college. However, there's a test that involves two titrations in one flask. The person before me left months ago, so I wasn't able to get proper training other other than a lady who hasn't taken a science course in her life. So folks, I have questions about the double titration.


5mL sample, 50mL water, 4 drops methyl orange, 4 drops phenalphalein(sp)

Experiment: Find the concentration of sulfuric acid and aluminum in a 4500 gallon tank.


A * 9.8 = concentration of sulfuric acid g/L

B * 1.8 = concentration of aluminum g/L

With what I know in an acid-base titration, the color changes when it reaches the equivalence point. When I titrate I see many phases of color. Red to orange to bright orange to slight red, then full red. Where are the equivalence point to solve for A and B?

I am getting several results.

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