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Trivial Question on Biochemistry No.1 How do you think are each electron behaving in a polypeptide molecule?

Dear all,

Question: Has the behavior of an electron that is belonging to the Hydrogen atom of the amino terminus to do with the behavior of another electron that is belonging to another Hydrogen atom of the carboxy terminus?  (Excuse me if there are wrong terminology since I am a mere amature physicist.)   Choose your answer from among the followings.

Answer1: No.  They are too far apart to have any significant physical interaction.  Any external chemical attack upon the N-terminus has no effect on the electron in the H atom of the carboxy terminus, and vice versa, as the ususal textbooks assume so.

Answer2: Yes.  All of the electrrons in the polypeptide are represented by single 3N-variables quantum mechanical wave function( where N is the total number of electrons involved in the polypeptide molecule.)   Even if the correlation between them is weak, the behavior of the one must have certain effect or effects on the one of the other terminus.


An amature physicist

May 19, 2013

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