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What physical discipline or disciplines do you think matters or matter most for your chemistry?

This is an amature physicist.

I wonder what matters for chemists on the globe from the physical view point.

Please choose from among the followings.

1. Quantum mechanics.

2. Electromagnetism.

3. Thermodynamics.

4. Other disciplines.

In modern science, atoms and molecules are discussed using the quantum mechanical notion of electronic cloud that surrounds the atomic nucleus or the skeleton of the nuclei of the molecule.  Here comes the discipline of quantum mechanics.

But the atoms or the molecules in a solvent in a test tube are too near with each other to make the electromagnetic interaction an important agent for a process that ensue.  Here we might need to take the electromagnetism into our consideration.

Futhermore, form a practical view point, usually an chemical industry is engaging in daily operation to make a chamical process to proceed toward a desired direction.  For that purpose they boil and apply pressuer into a pot.  Here comes the thermodynamic consideration.

Which disipline do you have interest most, Sirs?

A Pithecantropus Japonicus who, in a cave in paleolithic time, is imagining a possible development of diversity of 21st century chemistry

April 11, 2013

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