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When I was young, I'd listen to the radio, waiting for my favorite song,...

When I was young about 39years ago, I had scientific conversation with my sole friend.

He asked me "Are our life histories already determined?"

I replied him "There may be involved chaotic factors within us, so that our life history may be under our will."

He replied smiling "I agree, it may be."

This was a good days for me.

The key that determine whether our life history was already determined from the first,or not, as I have known later, lies in a discipline quantum mechanics.  As you know, our behavior is decided in our neurological circuit in our brain.  The relearse or non release of neurotransmitter is governed by the quantum chemical mechanism, that is, probability event.  So that, when we encounter an event, we will decide our way by chance or probability that is, it cannot be determined by predeterminism.

Do you agree? How do you think, Sirs?

Are you pessimistic for your future fate?

Or are you optimistic?

A Pithecantropus Japonicus who is, in a cave, planning his life history

March 24, 2013

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