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"Flesh" of the elementary particles. There are only vacuum space and pure energy.

Do you know the phenemena of interconversion between matter and light, Sirs?

Yes, it is known as the pair creation and pair destruction in high energy physics.

In these processes, a pair of an electron and a positron is converted into a pair of gammer ray photons, and vice versa.

The gammer ray which is a kind of the electromagnetic wave, can travel through the vacuum space by the light speed.

The gammer ray needs nothing for its travelling through the space but only the pure energy.

On the contrary, the matter, that is, the electron and the positron cannot travel through the space faster than the speed of light.

Why are the two kinds so different?

And since the matter has been created from the pure gammer ray energy, the "flesh" or "meat" of the electron and the positron must not be made.  I would like to emphasize this point.

That is, though the electron and the positron are given their mass, they never be a real entity.

I speculate in this way, these days.  Am I wrong?

So the conclusion from my assertion is that the matter or mass is nothing but a mathematical singular point in the vacuum space.

So that, at the point of the space where the matter or particle exists, there must be some curious "twisting" of the vacuum space.

Though at present I do not know the true character of the "twisting of space", this "twisting" can be imagined as a result due to the "phase transition" of the pure energy from photon state to mass state.

The pure energy can be thought to be able to be in either of  matter state or the light state.

How do you think the boundary between them, Sirs?

How can a mass overcome the barrier to become a photon?

How can the photon overcome the barrier to become a mass?

What, do you think, is needed to crossover the boundary?

What, do you think, is the trigger to cause the interconversion?

First of all, what do you think is the boundary between matter and light?

Einstein said mass is equivalent to energy with his famous formula E=mc^2.

What the hell is there at the vacuum point?  What is my "twisting" singularity in space?

How do you speculate about mass and or about light, Sirs?

Or will you cling to the conventional view that all matter has finte size absolutely, Sirs?

A man who is shouting that we are but a drama being displayed on a silver screen and that we actully do not exist at all.

December 7, 2012

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